The Welsh Paranormal Research Society

The Welsh Paranormal Research Society is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that was established in 2016 to conduct research for free into claims of the paranormal, hauntings, ghosts or any other unexplained phenomena.

Based in South East Wales, United Kingdom, we are dedicated to investigating throughout Wales any cases relating to reported incidents of paranormal/poltergeist activity, ghosts and hauntings.

We Are Professional Paranormal Investigators In Wales

When it comes to investigating claims of the supernatural, check out below our specialist qualities in the research field of the paranormal!

Professional & Technical

We use state-of-the-art scientific research equipment that is always kept up to date, when conducting paranormal investigations in wales.

Research & Development

As a Paranormal Investigation Team, we take pride in being professional and unique in our approach, by applying bespoke research methods based upon assessment of each case.

Aftercare & Support

As wales’ Paranormal Research Society, we are open minded, friendly & approachable team, who are non-judgmental in nature, ready to support you even after investigation.

Find Out More About WPRS

Check out below our latest news, events and Paranormal Investigations!

  • What Do We Investigate?

    We research phenomena

    We conduct investigations into claims of supernatural phenomena.

    The type of investigations can be anything from house investigations, to outdoor field investigations.

  • Do We Charge?

    What is the catch?

    There is no catch, in fact we never charge and are completely free. All the work we carry out is literally for research purposes.

    We are here to carry out research to prove or disprove claims of unexplained phenomena.

  • How do I get you to investigate my case?

    Request an investigation!

    Get in touch with us today, all of our investigations are free and we will consider your case.

    Simply fill in the ‘Request an investigation’ form and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

    Please bear in mind our organisation is voluntary, and are not the emergency services, we can not always respond straight away.

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Below you’ll see some of the most recent cases we’ve conducted or are coming soon.

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