Can We Help?

Why pick us to investigate your paranormal case?

WPRS is a research society that works very hard to get answers for the people who contact us and seek our help.

The work we do is based around unique technologies and not only that, we are an open minded team who’s very supportive and will aim to help you as best as we can.

We Investigate for Free and so everything we do is in aid of researching claims of paranormal experiences.

We Investigate For Free!

Did we forget to mention that, all the investigations that we carry out are completely free and we never charge for the work that we do!

The Welsh Paranormal Research Society are an open minded, friendly & approachable team. We are non-judgmental in nature and respectfully offer complete confidentiality and discretion during our investigations, so please feel at ease when we investigate your case.

Aftercare And Support

Our commitment to you after we’ve investigated

Once we’ve completed an investigation at your request, we will keep in touch with you after it to ensure that you have had a successful outcome and hopefully find the answers that you were looking for.

We may not always get the answers but we will try our best to get a desired outcome. Aftercare and support is a service we provide to you after the investigation to ensure we follow up after it and try to get you the support you need.