Ghost Hunting Tools Of The Trade

Technology is advancing so fast, we are struggling to keep up with all the amazing gadgets that are out there. Below is a small list of the basics that we use, the rest we keep secret for our clients who contact us when requesting our help and assistance.

We use state-of-the-art scientific research equipment that is always kept up to date; so, the quality of our investigations is of a high standard especially when it comes to investigating your case. The foundations of our research are based on applying many research methods and we do combine in-depth scientific principles accompanied by psychics, mediums, spiritualism and much more.

K2 Meter

The first and most interesting piece of equipment we have is the ghost meter. The ghost meter measures EMF, that’s short for Electro Magnetic Fields. Many household electrical appliances can emit these emf’s but it is believed that spirits can actually emit this kind of energy by themselves when asked to do so. This piece of equipment is extremely useful to the investigator as when we investigate locations of reported paranormal activity we can try and debunk claims of the unknown or in fact possibly speak to spirit from the other side.

Audio Dictaphone

The next best thing that was first discovered by many electrical inventors such as Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and many more was the discovery of the EVP short for Electronic Voice Phenomena. EVP is in fact unexplained sounds/voices that appear from nowhere onto what was originally reel tapes but now can be captured onto digital recorders. We now use Digital Recorders to capture such evidence. It’s believed that spirit or any form of life can be clearly heard from a recording by simply asking out for a response from a haunted location or area that’s highly active. We always tend to get good results from this experiment but the most unusual thing is we never hear it in person, it is only heard upon playback of the recording that we hear the voices from the other side. Using software that displays wave spectrum allows us to see the digital files quicker than listening to them, enabling us to review things quicker sometimes.

The Laser Thermometer

Many people claim when they are in the presence of spirit or the paranormal they feel cold spots, that is where it is believed that spirit are present and that the atmosphere becomes colder or warmer in random places. with this in mind it would be really useful if we could try and gather evidence of such phenomena as it would be fascinating to document such a thing happening. The best tool we think for this is the laser thermometer, extremely accurate when it’s pointed at a location and it can give instant readings from surfaces and even indicate if the beam has been broken by an unknown force.

Video Camera

Hold still, say cheese! Yep the standard camera “anything from 3MP or up is more than enough to get you some decent results” a professional photographer once told me and we took his advice on board. The most important thing with these single shot cameras is to avoid over exposure of light, the flash can be quite bright and reflect off almost anything, but most of all these are cheap to get hold of and the digital ones are a charm. Digital Cameras contain a card inside, allowing us to take as many photos as we want depending on the card size. This allows us to instantly review footage later by laptop or pc. The most interesting phenomena with still cameras as well is the orb effect, still in dispute today, is it speckles of dusk, or spirit within the shot. We’ll never know for sure but they are an amazing thing and we believe they represent something as they’re not seen by the naked eye.

Walkie Talkies

Another interesting tool is a decent set of walkie talkies with a nice range on them, something we’ve used before in security for those big old creepy buildings. Their cost effective and licence free. Our Walkie Talkies prove to be a vital communication tool in the investigative field. The reason for this is because it enables us to break up the team into groups to conduct investigations in the larger locations, meaning it takes us less time to cover the building and gather as much evidence as possible in the time we have.In recent investigations we’ve found that leaving a handset in a haunted location can also be manipulated by spirit when its set to voice activated or left for spirit to press to communicate, fascinating indeed.

DVR CCTV Camera system

One of the most costly of all. We’ve not had it for long and it’s an amazing piece of kit. Our DVR the Digital Video Recorder, It’s something we’re very much accustomed to and proud to own for investigative purposes. During our days in security this piece of kit was always rigged up at various locations as we’re assigned to guard and patrol various buildings. This DVR allows us to monitor simultaneous cameras at any given one time via the LCD monitor; whilst recording the feed live, not missing a thing, but not only that! It’s night vision and all, with Microphone attached, allowing us to capture video and audio without even being in the room.This DVR is digital so all our footage is stored to an internal hard disk, allowing us to review footage later, but as you know can be time consuming process but well worth it. This system will be invaluable to our future investigations and it also has support for allowing remote viewing. This may be of use to us in the future when we get our vehicle being a VAN so a member of our team can be assigned to monitor what’s going on via a remote video link, brilliant! Please note we don’t always use this system because it is time consuming to set up and we’ve found it easier to set up remote cameras on tripods.

Standard Digital Camera

Finally, the coloured video camera, one of the most useful of all. They come in all shapes and sizes but were using a small one at the moment, with live record, straight to an SD CARD brilliant! At present we’re experimenting with video cameras because, one they need good lighting that we’re looking to get, but also they can have infra-red lighting that effectively allows us to see in the dark and that’s what we need most of all on all investigations. Once lights out, it allows us to see in the pitch black of night, via the LCD screen on the camera and it allows us to be able to cut more EMF interference from the lights including the cables running to them; who knows maybe it causes disruption to spirit and with lighting off we may be able to detect them easier via EMF meter for the camera to capture. One more thing to note in most of our videos you will see our night vision camera not with the GREEN screen but PURPLE, the reason for this is because were using full spectrum filters, thus allowing us to see a large range of visual light via the camera giving us the advantage of seeing more than meets the eye.

So there we have it, you’ve come to the end of our list of equipment, many of our members carry such accessories on them. Different brands, with different functions and cost, we don’t care. All that matters is capturing proof of the unknown. We believe with our professional approach and as time goes by we will perfect our methods and get as much our study into the paranormal and the unexplained.