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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to the FAQ section of our site, below you will find a list of questions we’ve put together to help give you a better idea of who we are, what we do and how to find our more about us. Should you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to get in touch with us via our “contact us” section on our site.

What is your investigation process? 2016-05-02T19:18:29+00:00

Good question!

Once WPRS receives and accepts a case, we will first interview you and any other witnesses involved to document your experiences. This is done to be able to more accurately evaluate the situation so that investigators will know what to look for and what we’re possibly up against. Next, the investigators will take a tour of your building or home and record any abnormalities. During this time, we will take baseline EMF and temperature readings and make note of any abnormalities. Sometimes we will also bring in a medium or psychic to see what they may pick up on. Our Investigation team will then set up our technical equipment and begin. Our determination of a place being haunted is based on the conclusion of evidence gathered during the investigation, as well as any input from mediums or psychics. It is important to note that most Paranormal Research Groups do not consider medium or psychic input to be evidence, however, WPRS will always keep an open mind during our investigations and will add whatever is perceived by the medium or psychic to the case file. We will then correlate their input to the stories or experiences of the case to verify if there are any connections. As our psychics and mediums attend investigations, no information will be disclosed to them as we believe this could void their input on the case.


If you’d like us to investigate for free, simply click here and fill in the form or should you have questions beforehand get in touch with us via the contact us menu at the very top of our site.

What Does WPRS Stand For? 2016-05-02T19:24:43+00:00

The actual meaning behind “WPRS” is “Welsh Paranormal Research Society”.

We are a Wales’ leading Paranormal investigation team based in South Wales, however, we are more than willing to travel further afield across wales and the UK to investigate your case, completely free.


Do you charge for investigations? 2016-10-12T16:50:54+00:00

No Never, Ever! We promise! Our Investigations are completely FREE!

The Welsh Paranormal Research Society is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation, this means that we would never  ever charge for any investigations that we conduct. The organisation was established to conduct research into Paranormal Activity, and we would never ask or request monies from any client, business or organisation contacting us, especially for investigations!

We get gratification in knowing that the people who contact us for help get some answers as to what their going through and as we investigate each case it helps us evolve and improve our research skills; this is very rewarding to us.

If you were thinking of contacting us to investigate your home or venue it’s totally free, and we may be able to help, who knows what we might discover!

If you’d like us to investigate click here to fill in our simple investigation request form.