WPRS prides itself on the research it carries out, as a paranormal investigative team being based in Wales, and we truly believe we are at the heart of history within this cultural location.

Have a look below and discover more about us as a Society, there’s lots to learn about our group and hopefully you’ll get all the answers your looking for through our website.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Do?

Well simply put, we investigate paranormal occurrences.

  • We do this by responding to calls of help from the community who claim to be experiencing unexplained supernatural phenomena.

Why We Do It?

  • As a voluntary research group, our efforts are focused on helping people who are experiencing unexplained supernatural phenomena.
  • As a research group we are trying to bring an understanding to these claims of the unexplained and try bring an explanation as to what is the cause and how and why it happened.

Our Goals

As Wales’ Leading Paranormal Research Society for the paranormal, our goals are as follows:

  1. To continue to help the community
  2. Evolve new research methods into investigating the subject of the paranormal.
  3. Develop new research tools using up-to date technology.
  4. Continually grow and advance our research
  5. use time as an aid for research?
  6. Always remain Voluntary
  7. To remain completely free, and never charge for our work

Our Core Beliefs

  1. To listen emphatically
  2. to always be diverse
  3. to be fair
  4. honest
  5. passionate
  6. supportive to those who seek out our help
  7. To always remain impartial
  8. Professional at all times
  9. Make it a fun at the right times.
  10. Be reliable
  11. discrete, confidential and respectful.