Director/Founder of WPRS

During my childhood, I had lost a very close family member through a serious and sudden traumatic event.I think because of this and being so young it was hard for to come to terms with the concept that those who had lost someone precious were never going to see them again and were gone forever.

My mind then began to ponder the thought of is there an afterlife? Does our consciousness move from the physical to energy in what we call death?

There has been much folklore, stories and witness testimonies to state they’ve seen loved ones after passing, portraying themselves in the form of spirit.

It’s this that now drives me on a journey of truth, seeking answers to questions such as if there is life after death or do aliens actually exist?

As I have a strong passion for science, electronics and spiritualism I am on a journey with the team to seek answers to these questions and longing for positive results.

I feel we don’t fully understand the universe, just as we don’t completely understand our world.

I then founded WPRS as a group and will research this phenomenon of supernatural and unexplained paranormal occurrences.

I also love the idea of there being an afterlife, because for me it’s such a positive an inspiring thought.


Case Manager

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Training/Recruitment Manager

My first experience was as a 10-year-old. Living in a big 3-bedroom house, I reached the top of the stairway onto the landing looking directly into my mother’s bedroom. I saw a silhouette of an old man, aura bright orange. I genuinely believed it was a man in my mother’s bedroom. I screamed so loud my mum ran as fast as lightening up stairs to me, and I was frozen. I pointed into her room saying ‘mum there’s a man in your room’. But there was nothing.

I later discovered that I also had an imaginary friend who a Scotty dog was called ‘Timmy’. Some people say that this is a sign of connecting with the spiritual world.

There are too many things that have happened in my life which has encouraged me to believe in the afterlife and I will always believe until proof proves otherwise.

I am passionate about the research and exploration of anything paranormal, and love a good conspiracy. I am open and honest and do not judge, so will never force my opinion onto anyone else. I love a good debate!

I am the recruitment and training co-coordinator and would love people on our team who not just share similar thoughts and experiences but who can dedicate a bit of their time to helping others. I also welcome skeptics as I think it’s healthy to debunk situations too!


Writer/Paranormal Investigator

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Paranormal Investigator

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Developing Medium

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Paranormal Investigator

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Technical Assistant/Paranormal Investigator

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