Paranormal Research And Development

We Like to Keep Up With The Times

Our Paranormal Investigation Team is professional and unique in its approach, as we apply bespoke research methods that are dependent on the assessment of each case. Our aim is to advance the research of the paranormal, so that we can better understand the research subject and improve knowledge in this field. This not only helps us progress and grow, but also aids us in providing exceptional assistance & support to those who seek our help.

We love carrying out research

We are constantly looking for new ways to develop equipment to conduct research into the field of the supernatural.

We also use the latest technologies and equipment to date in efforts to document and record any evidence of the supernatural.

Always Developing

We adopt various techniques in the field of anomalous research, due to the nature of our work in the field of the paranormal we have to carry out work using sensitive equipment that we are always tweaking and developing.


We will often run training workshops to help keep the team up to date with the latest technology, and soon the addition of meditation classes.